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University of Connecticut - “Captain Stress Reliever and His Young Ward Companion Calm”

One of the most entertaining group pieces of CUPSI. Mikhail Gilbert and Zachary Johnson of the University of Connecticut, with a poem that you’re probably going to need as you approach finals.

Abbie Shain, Anna Binkovitz and Renee Schminkey - “Caretakers” (CUPSI 2013)

Caretaking is a dirty job that pays in guilt-free survival. The promise that death is the easy part.”

An incredible group piece from Macalester College, from last week’s College National Poetry Slam! We’ll be posting videos from the tournament over the next few weeks!

Khary Jackson - “How to Break a Bedpost in 1960”

  “(We) ain’t nonviolent just ‘cuz of a Doctor King Speech,

    it’s these bodies, these hips, this bondin’

    that keeps you from killing a mother fuckah!” 

This video was shot at Soap Boxing’s Annual Cirque Du So’Drunk. A summer slam that focuses on the wonders of alcohol,  the lighter side of spoken word poetry, and Hieu Nguyen playing backup on the bicycle bell.  

Khary is a two-time National Poetry Slam Champ, Cave Canem Fellow, Author, Playwright, Musician and all around renaissance man. 

Source: youtube.com