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Hieu Nguyen


I could say many, many  laudatory (and true) things about Hieu and the quality of his writing. However, chances are I would embarrass him in the process. So what I would like to do instead is share a video of his with you, and let you come to the conclusion I know you will.

I should mention that the success of this video could very well help Hieu land a book deal. So if that sort of thing matters to you, reblog this, like it, send the link to whoever you know that needs to hear it. Make a little difference for a truly talented writer and a human I cherish very deeply.

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Khary Jackson performing “When I Move”.

Khary Jackson AKA 6 is 9 is one of the most prolific and experimental poet/performers in the country. We were lucky (to say the least) that he had the time to film with us and hope you enjoy the video.


Source: poetryobserved.com

More video! This latest release features Dylan Garity. Captain of the College Champion slam team from Macalester College (the only college to ever win the tournament, the others have all been universities).

Dylan’s poem, Seven Confessions on Cheating, is a true testament to the importance of artistic honesty and to the craft of performance poetry. I hope you all enjoy the video and come back to check out the continuing release of the Poetry Observed video series!

Source: poetryobserved.com

We are proud to present Shelters, by Michael Lee. One of the initial releases of the Poetry Observed video series, cast and co-produced by Button Poetry. Please check out the rest of the series at PoetryObserved.com.


Also these were shot in a fantastically high resolution, so… turn it up.